With CPG 101, you'll be equipped with

  • On Demand Course

    This course includes over 10 hours of video content and exercises. Our CPG 101 course teaches you the fundamentals of starting a CPG food business.

  • CPG 101 Playbook

    Our CPG 101 playbook includes information about what a packaged food business is, the history of CPG food, traits that make a great entrepreneur, making what people want, and why manufacturing matters.

  • Supplier Directory

    Leverage key contacts in Banking, Financing, Design, Food Safety, Business Tools, and Labels & Printing that have demonstrated expertise for CPG food businesses.

  • 30 Minute Coaching Session (upon completion)

    You’ve learned a lot through CPG 101. Ask all of your questions during a 30 minute coaching session with our Accelerator team to get insight and industry expertise on your CPG business.

Course curriculum

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    • Overview

    • Make Things People Want

    • How do you make things people want?

    • How do you make things people want?

    • #1. Know the Pain Point

    • #2. Go to the Store

    • #3. Talk to Customers

    • Case Study: Snacklins

    • Passion

    • Intersection of Passion and Making Things People Want

    • Asking Customer Questions

    • Connecting with Consumers

    • Success Story: Compass Coffee & Connecting with Consumers

  6. 6
    • Overview of Manufacturing

    • Why Manufacture?

    • Owning Manufacturing

    • A Word from Samy

    • #1. Controlling Composition and Quality

    • #2. Dictating Production Schedules + Inventory

    • Case Study: Mas Panadas

    • #3. Agility as a Competitive Edge

    • Which one of the following does NOT explain why owning your manufacturing is important?

    • Case Study: Caribe & Owning Your Manufacturing

    • A Word from Kelsey

    • Final Words of Wisdom from Samy

  7. 7
    • Congrats on completing CPG 101!

CPG 101 will develop your viable food business model. Entrepreneurs will receive a personalized goal for next steps in building your business, and help you grow your professional network. Participants receive:

  • Lifetime access to CPG 101- On Demand Course
  • Access to our Supplier Directory, including banking, financing, design, food safety, business tools, and labels & printing contacts
  • The CPG 101 Course Playbook
  • Participation in our Instructor-Led Webinar
  • A 30 minute coaching session upon completion
  • A Fast-Track Accelerator Pitch upon course completion

Through this course, you will understand what makes a great packaged food business through exploring the path to profitability and traits that make a successful entrepreneur.

By the end of this course, you will

  • Develop your viable food business model

    Build the foundation of your business, including your mission and core values, to set yourself up for success.

  • Learn the fundamentals of starting a food business

    You'll understand the benefits of manufacturing, the CPG business model, and so much more.

  • Take the next steps with confidence

    Through CPG 101, you'll be ready to take the next steps of launching your CPG food business.