Your product’s sales and the growth of your business relies on distribution. So how do you form a relationship with a distributor and translate this to growth into sales? Through our Distribution course, you will master essential topics to maximize your relationship with distributors and utilize sales analytics to grow your business. You’ll learn the ins and outs of supplier contracts, terms of purchase orders, and how to build inventory so you’re ready for the next sale. This course covers the logistics of distribution as it relates to scaling your business. You will leave this course feeling confident in taking the next steps in the distribution of your product!

Through this course, participants will gain access to:

  • On Demand Course

    The course includes over 5 hours of video content and exercises crafted by the Union Kitchen Accelerator team.

  • Distribution Playbook

    Our comprehensive Distribution Playbook is your guide on how to maximize your distribution, foster relationships with your distributor, and grow your sales!

  • Distribution Checklistisist

    Our Distribution Checklist will keep you organized and help grow your distribution through budgets, sell sheets, and how to maximize product promotions.

  • Coaching Session

    You’ve completed the distribution courses! Now’s the time to ask questions or get feedback from our Accelerator team.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • CPG Business Model

    • How Distribution Works

    • Packaging and Transport of Goods

    • Knowledge Check!

    • What does this mean for you?

    • Knowledge Check!

    • Purchase Orders

    • Distribution Logistics: What does this mean for you?

    • Knowledge Check!

    • Acceptable Case Boxes

    • Introduction to Pallets

    • Union Kitchen VSP vs FOB

    • Union Kitchen Policy

    • Example of Proof of Delivery

    • Submitting an Invoice

    • Net Terms

  2. 2
    • Introduction to Supplier Contracts

    • Supplier Contract Terms

    • Knowledge Check!

  3. 3
    • Frequency of POs

    • Pushing Back Orders

    • Backplanning an Order

    • Managing an Inventory

    • How should you manage inventory?

    • Determining the Right Level of Inventory

    • What is the definition of pars?

    • Safety Stock, Managing and Monitoring Inventory

    • How often should you monitor your inventory?

    • Sour Lads and the Doom Loop

  4. 4
    • Distributor Buying and Selling Policies

    • Tracking Monthly Sales

    • How to Read a Monthly Sales Report

    • Signing New Retailers

    • Promotions

    • Key Terms

    • What is the definition of consignment?

Your product is ready to sell but how do you manage the transportation from Kitchen to Store? In this course, you'll master topics and skills to maximize your product distribution and build relationships with your distributor. You'll learn how to fill purchase orders, build inventory, and grow sales.

This course provides you with:

  • 4 modules 
  • 1 / 30 minute coaching session upon course completion
  • Certificate of Completion

Through this course, you will master

  • Building Lasting Relationships

    This course will teach you how to foster relationships with your distributor to maximize your product distribution.

  • Filling Purchase Orders

    Understand purchase orders, frequency of fill, and terms of purchasing your product.

  • Building Inventory

    As you expand into new stores and markets, you will learn to build inventory so you're ready when the purchase order comes through.