The licensing process can feel daunting and confusing. With Union Kitchen's Food Business Licensing course, you’ll learn all the steps to successfully license your food business. From exploring the different company formations to breaking down each step to license your business, this course covers it all. Union Kitchen has years of experience supporting hundreds of businesses through the licensing process. 

Through this course, you will gain access to:

  • On Demand Course

    The course includes over 5 hours of video content and exercises crafted by the Union Kitchen Accelerator team.

  • Supplier Directory

    This includes consultants, insurance, lawyers, and loans, financing, and other contacts to set your business up for success.

  • Licensing Checklist

    Stay organized and on track with tasks to get your food business licensed quickly and correctly.

  • 30 Minute Coaching Session (upon completion)

    Congrats! You are now licensed. Join us for a 30 minute coaching session to get insight and expertise on your food business.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to Food Business Licensing!

    • Company Formation

    • Licensing as a Food Business

  2. 2
    • What are business structures?

    • Types of Business Structures

    • What's an LLC?

    • Reasons for Choosing an LLC

    • Incorporate from Home

    • How to Incorporate from Home

  3. 3
    • Food Business License

    • 1. Obtaining your DUN's Number

    • 2. File Your FDA Registration Application

    • 3. Register your Business with the DC Government

    • 4. File Your Foreign Registration Statement

    • 5. Acquire Your Certificate of Good Standing

    • 6. Register with Internal Revenue Service

    • 7. Register with DC Office of Tax and Revenue

    • 8. Complete Your Sales and Use New Business Registration (FR-500)

    • 9. Fill out a Certificate of Resale

    • 10. Acquire Your Clean Hands Certificate

    • 11. Obtain Your Certificate of Liability Insurance

    • 12. Obtain Your Certified Food Protection Manager ID (CFPM)

    • 13. File Your Food Manufacturer Application (Part One)

    • 14. Schedule and Complete Your Inspection with DC Department of Health (Part Two)

    • 15. File Your Basic Business License Form

    • Recap: Food Business Licensing

    • Licensing Checklist

This Food Business Licensing Course prepares food founders with a checklist, requirements, and key contacts to set your business up for success. Participants receive:

  • Lifetime access to our Licensing - On Demand Course
  • Access to our Supplier Directory, including consultants, insurance,  lawyers, loans, and other contacts to set your business up for success
  • Downloadable Licensing Checklist
  • A 30 Minute Coaching Session (upon completion)


Through our Licensing course, you will learn the ins and outs of the complex licensing process and so much more.  

By the end of this course, you will

  • Master legal requirements

    The dos and don'ts to get your business licensed legally.

  • Understand the ins and outs of company formation

    Not all food businesses are licensed the same. Learn which license fits your model and how to get it done.

  • Take the steps to get your food business licensed

    Leverage our checklist so you can license your business quickly and correctly.