Packaging Unwrapped Overview

Your product’s packaging is your first impression on a crowded grocery store shelf. It’s an effective way to tell your core consumer what your product offers and why it’s better than the competition. This course covers the requirements for product packaging, including nutritional information, barcodes, and food safety requirements. You will also learn the specifications for case boxes to distribute your product, how to budget for packaging costs, and packaging planning for product launch. 

Packaging Unwrapped will provide you with a roadmap to plan for launching your product, a budget calculator to keep you on track, and a playbook to guide your online learning. Union Kitchen offers years of experience working with over 130 CPG food businesses from launch to scale. Our experts crafted this course based on industry knowledge, experience working with over 10 packaging vendors, and consulting with national CPG brands.

Unwrap the secrets of great packaging

Walk away with the expertise you need for the ultimate market-ready packaging

  • On Demand Course

    The course includes over 10 hours of video content and exercises crafted by the Union Kitchen Accelerator team.

  • Packaging Playbook

    Includes Types of Packaging Needed, Legal Labeling Requirements, How to Create Barcodes, and more!

  • Packaging Checklist

    Our checklist keeps you organized and on track for planning and purchasing your packaging.

  • Budget Calculator

    Worried about hidden costs? Don’t be! Our Budgeting Calculator helps you determine what types of costs to expect and how to plan for them.

Course curriculum

Over ten hours of interactive content, anytime, anywhere

  1. 1
    • Overview

  2. 2
    • Why do I Need Packaging?

    • Types of Packaging

    • Overview of Product Packaging

    • Process + Timeline

    • How long does packaging, including designing and sourcing, approximately take?

    • Packaging Timeline Summary

    • Which item is NOT a type of packaging?

  3. 3
    • Overview

    • Packaging for Shelf Life

    • Which of the following does packaging NOT protect for extended shelf life?

    • Barrier Protection

    • Which of the following is describing Chemical Protection?

    • Controlling Packaging Atmosphere

    • Packaging that removes oxygen from the environment is called…

    • MAP

    • CAP

    • Key Takeaways: Packaging + Shelf Life

  4. 4
    • Role of Packaging in Transporting Your Product

    • Case Box Requirements

    • Which of the following is NOT a case box requirement?

    • Introduction to Pallets

    • Pallet Requirements

  5. 5
    • Overview

    • Connecting with Consumers

    • Hiring a Designer

    • Which of the following is NOT a recommended tip when hiring a designer?

    • The Grocery Quest

    • Packaging Design Tips

    • What are the two types of packaging to launch your product?

    • Biggest Packaging Design Mistakes

  6. 6
    • Timeline for Packaging

    • Packaging Design Checklist

    • Legal Requirements

    • What should the information panel NOT include?

    • Overview of Nutrition Facts

    • Nutrition Facts

    • Mark all of the following that should be included on the nutrition facts

    • Nutrition Facts: Biggest Mistakes

    • Formal Health Claims

    • Informal Health Claims

    • True or False: Informal health claims are more time-consuming and costly.

    • GS-1 Barcodes

    • How to Generate a GS-1 Barcode

    • Barcode FAQs

    • Ok, I have my barcodes! Now what?

    • Packaging Suppliers

    • Types of Packaging Suppliers

    • Which of the following packaging suppliers should be used when you do not know exactly what type of packaging you want?

    • What You Should Know about Packaging Suppliers

    • How Much Packaging to Order

    • How much packaging should you order?

    • Interpreting a Packaging Quote

    • Packaging for Launch: Budget Tool

The Packaging Course prepares food founders with best practices, legal requirements, and tools to create great packaging for your product. Participants receive:

  • Lifetime access to our Packaging - On Demand Course
  • Packaging Playbook, including Types of Packaging Needed, Legal Labeling Requirements, How to Create Barcodes and How to Create Nutrition Facts
  • Downloadable Packaging Checklist
  • Budget Calculator for Packaging your Product

Through our Packaging course, you will learn key topics like packaging and food safety, how your packaging can help you connect with your core consumer, and so much more. 

By the end of this course, you will

  • Connect with your core consumer through packaging

    Make a great first impression through packaging that resonates with your mission and core values.

  • Learn the ins and outs of nutritional labeling and barcodes

    Everything you need to know to correctly code your product and provide accurate nutritional information.

  • Learn food safety requirements for packaging

    Master the legal requirements for your product and the safety of your consumers.