You’re ready to take the next step to scale your crowd-pleasing recipe! In our Product Manufacturing course, you will learn the ins and outs of scaling manufacturing from tabletop to small batch and optimize your food process flow. You will also learn food safety basics, process flow, and how to keep manufacturing logs. Utilize our Manufacturing Playbook and Custom Production Workbook to optimize your food manufacturing!

Through this course, you will gain access to:

  • On Demand Course

    The course includes over 15 hours of video content and exercises crafted by the Union Kitchen Accelerator team.

  • Custom Production Workbook

    Our Custom Production workbook to equip you with the tools to navigate product development and manage your ordering and inventory.

  • Supplier Directory

    A directory of key contacts in the food science and product manufacturing industries.

  • Product Manufacturing Playbook

    Our comprehensive Product Manufacturing Playbook is your guide on how to best formulate your product from the ingredients to food safety and shelf life!

The Product Manufacturing Course prepares food founders with best practices, fundamentals, and technical tools to formulate your product. Participants receive:

  • Lifetime access to our Product Manufacturing - On Demand Course

  • Custom Production Workbook upon Course Completion   

  • Supplier directory with list of food scientists, formulation experts

  • Product Manufacturing Playbook 

Through our Product Formulation course, you will understand important concepts like the basics of chemistry, food preservation techniques, ingredients and the environment, and so much more. 

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Overview of Manufacturing

    • Why Manufacture?

    • Owning Manufacturing

    • A Word from Samy

    • #1. Controlling Composition and Quality

    • #2. Dictating Production Schedules + Inventory

    • Storage Fees

    • Tied Up Capital

    • Longer Repayment Cycle

    • Perishability

    • Inability to Make Changes

    • Case Study: Mas Panadas

    • #3. Agility as a Competitive Edge

    • Case Study: Compass Coffee

    • Case Study: Caribe & Owning Your Manufacturing

    • Knowledge Check!

    • A Word from Kelsey

    • Final Words of Wisdom from Samy

    • Recapping Owning your Manufacturing

  2. 2
    • Introduction to Progression of Manufacturing

    • Tabletop to Continuous Manufacturing

    • Knowledge Check!

    • Case Study: Revol Snax

    • A Word from Compass Coffee!

    • Recapping Progression of Manufacturing

  3. 3
    • Introduction to Tabletop to Small Batch

    • Progression of Manufacturing

    • What does it mean to go from Tabletop to Batch Production?

    • Defining Batch Production

    • Managing Small Batch Inventory

    • Small Batch Inventory

    • Manufacturing with Maeve

    • Safety Stock, Managing, and Monitoring Inventory

    • Why is Batch Production More Efficient Than Tabletop?

    • Knowledge Check!

    • Why Increasing Production Efficiency Matters

    • Cookie Co Case Study

    • Recapping Tabletop to Batch

    • Submit your Tabletop Production Process

  4. 4
    • Introduction to Preparing your Recipe for Manufacturing

    • How to Scale your Recipe

    • What Happens When You Make More Product At Once

    • Knowledge Check!

    • Production Workbook

    • Recapping Preparing your Recipe for Manufacturing

  5. 5
    • Introduction to Food Process Flow

    • What is the Food Process Flow?

    • Receiving

    • Receiving an Invoice

    • Preparing

    • Processing

    • Packaging

    • Backplanning an Order

    • Knowledge Check!

    • Recapping the Food Process Flow

  6. 6
    • Introduction to Manufacturing Food Safety

    • First Day of Manufacturing

    • Section 1: Basic Food Safety Procedures

    • Section 2: Personnel Hygiene

    • Section 3: Facility and Equipment Cleanliness

    • Section 4: Flow of Food

    • Section 5: Logs

    • Logs and How to Use Them

    • Knowledge Check!

    • Recapping Manufacturing Food Safety

  7. 7
    • Key Takeaways

    • What to do Next

  8. 8
    • Final Knowledge Check!